Eldritch Animals

National Geographic meets H.P. Lovecraft in this research journal documenting real endangered animals and the deadly consequences of their extinction.

Perfect for middle grade, high school, and adults alike – Eldritch Animals uses fiction to engage readers, while also educating them about real environmental issues


Sara Carpenter

Environmental Science Teacher

Bayfront Charter High School

As a Title I Environmental Science educator, one of the most innate challenges I’ve encountered as a teacher is finding meaningful texts to supplement my visual learners. Eldritch Animals’ streamlined approach to telling the tales of our most threatened species not only engages but excites my 9th-grade students. Mara allows me the space to use her text as a jumping point for growth in my endangered species lessons and she allows my students a space to gain visual context in a truly beautiful way. There’s nothing quite like seeing the information I teach brought to life in a way that my students cling to. Cheers to Eldritch Animals!

Shana Shea

Head of Children’s Services

Windsor Public Library

I greatly enjoyed the tone, message, illustrations and animals highlighted. I think it would be an attractive nonfiction title for upper elementary through middle school age.